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Tonic Plantain

Tonic Plantain

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Tonic is the market leading variety of plantain, bred specifically to provide protein and mineral rich forage for grazing livestock. It is a popular inclusion in multi species swards, providing deep rooting herb content to complement quality grass and legume components.

Nutritional value of Tonic
• Yields up to 15tDM/ha in a season
• High protein (25 – 30% crude protein) and D-value (68-72)
• Beneficial high mineral content, especially selenium and copper
• Higher milk or meat production

Wider benefits of Tonic
• Good spring and autumn growth, supporting a longer productive season
• Drought tolerant due to its extensive root network
• Stimulates higher milk production in ewes
• Encourages early forage intakes in lambs to accelerate rumen development
• Reduces the effects of internal parasites
• Does not cause bloat
• Firms the dung and reduces dagging

Sowing rate        1 kg/acre with 12 kg grass and clover (2.5 + 35 kg/ha)

Sowing Time      April to mid-August, into warm soils (>10°C)

Sowing Depth    10 mm

Sowing Instructions

Sow in well drained soils. Control broad-leaved weeds before sowing. Cultivate to achieve a fine, firm seed bed. Ploughing will help level rough fields. Sow in good conditions (warm with rain forecast), no deeper than 10-15mm. Roll well after sowing to ensure good soil/ seed contact. N, P and K fertiliser requirements are similar to that of grass. Ensure optimum soil pH, P and K indices.

After sowing     

  • Graze when the crop reaches a height of 10-15 cm and when plants are resistant to uprooting. Generally ready for grazing 8 weeks after sowing
  • Rotationally graze for best results
  • Ensure short, intensive periods of grazing with adequate recover periods
  • Ideally graze to a residual of 4cm
  • In the 2nd and subsequent years plant height must not exceed 25 cm to limit seed head development and maintain feed quality
  • Ensure adequate N, P and K fertiliser is available to the plant

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