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We are the United Kingdom’s premier website dedicated to grass seed and all its many uses. Fields, lawns, roadsides or sports pitches, grass is the finishing touch to your outdoor spaces.
Having been online for over 20 years, we have enviable knowledge in all things grass and what our UK customer base is looking for.
The following type of grass seed mixtures are the ones our customers have had the best results from and usually ask for, however as we are grass seed mixers we can mix grass seeds just for your own particular needs or just straight grass species.
"A cow out on grass is just an incredible thing to behold... Cows and other ruminants can do things we just can't do. They have the most highly evolved digestive organ on the planet, called the rumen. And the rumen can digest grass. It takes grass, cellulose in grass, and turns it into protein, very nutritious protein. We can't do that."
- Michael Pollan
This website shows our most popular grass seed mixes. We have been selling successfully over the internet since 1999. This has given a good idea of what grass seed mixtures our customers are looking for. If you have not found what you are needing, or have a special grass seed mixture in mind, or are just needing advice do not hesitate to contact us on 01259 760400.
We have organised our wide selection of products into Collections:
The Lawn Collection
The Field Collection
The Horse & Pony Collection
The Wildflowers Collection
The Wild Bird Seed Collection    
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