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Spring Rise Lawn Food

Spring Rise Lawn Food

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A premium mini granule lawn fertiliser for healthy grass and soil.

N.P.K 12 - 6 - 6

A healthy vigorous lawn is better able to withstand common problems, such as; weeds, moss disease, heavy wear and drought.  This is a compound granular formulation to promote strong growth and solid rooting. This product can be applied through most proprietary lawn fertiliser spreaders - please read manufacturer's instructions for appropriate settings.

Rate of application: 50g/m2. A 25kg bag treats 500m²


  • Granular fertilisers should not be applied during periods of stress: drought, high temperatures, frost
  • Water the area with a hose if there is no rain 48 hours after application
  • Avoid cutting grass for 3 days after application

If you have any questions Please contact us to discuss your needs - 01786 834422.

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