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Forage Rape - Stego

Forage Rape - Stego

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The Stego variety of forage rape is a high yielding forage crop which is ideal for finishing lambs during summer/autumn time.  It can also be used for cattle grazing for the first part of winter.  Avon forage rape can fill in the gaps of low grass availbility during dry periods.  Forage rape can also be used for game cover.  Will provide good ground cover for holding, driving and feeding.

Key Benefits:

  • High leaf to stem ratio
  • High stem digestability
  • Low plant residue after grazing
  • excellent disease resistance
  • Good game cover crop

Sowing Rates:

  • Drillied - 2.5kg/acre
  • Broadcast - 4kg/acre

Sow from March to July.  Feed from June to December.

Prices: 5kg pack £34.00, 25kg pack £138.00.  Prices include postage

Remember To:

  • Feed as part of a balanced diet (Calculate your stocking rate)
  • Ensure good water supply
  • Allow run back area
  • Move electric fence daily
  • Feed fibre
  • Feed minerals
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