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Mixed Equine Herbs

Mixed Equine Herbs

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A natural diet of mixed species grassland makes excellent pasture for your horses as it can supply nutrients that can be missing from hay, monoculture pasture and grain.  A mixture of grasses and herb species will also help maintain a better soil structure.  A grass/herb pasture can provide your horse with a high fibre diet that is low in water soluble carbohydrates.  Mixed species pasture also provides a wonderful habitat for wildlife and increases biodiversity as it attracts a wide range of butterflies and invertebrates.

In this equine herb mix we have selected the perennial herbs burnet, chicory, ribgrass, sainfoin, sheeps parsley and yarrow.  This blend is both beneficial to your horses' diet and to the soil.  See the table below for specific benefits for each herb.

 Herb  Benefits 
Burnet Anti-inflammatory properties and high in anti-oxidants.
Chicory High in calcium, sulphur, potassium, sodium, boron and zinc.
Ribgrass  Deep roots so improves soil structure.
Sainfoin Fodder legume, nitrogen fixing in soil to improves soil quality, therefore improving pasture quality. Has deep roots so good for soil structure and drainage. Keeps parasites low. High in protein.
Sheeps Parsley High in iron and vitamin C, considered good for the digestive system.
Yarrow Known as a good tonic food as full of minerals.

A paddock would be sown with the herb mixture then sectioned and grazed in rotation

Sowing rate : Usually sown at 0.5kgs per acre with the grasses


If you have any questions Please contact us to discuss your needs - 01786 834422.

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