Hen Grazing Pasture Mix 19kg/A

Hen Grazing Pasture Mix 19kg/A

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Our hen grazing pasture contains a mix of amenity grasses and clovers.  This mix contains dwarf perennial rye grass, thus giving it hard wearing qualities thant can tolerate the constant pecking by hens. 

We also put together a mixture of clovers specially for this mix.  Clovers are highly palatable and high in sugars.  Clovers also improve the soil health in two ways, red and yellow clovers have deep tap roots which make them drought resistant and break up compacted soil.  Clover is also nitrogen fixing which will increase the nitrogen content of the soil and boost the grass growth.

  • Dwarf Perennial Rye Grass             6.0kg
  • Creeping Red Fescue                     6.0kg
  • Chewings Fescue                           1.5kg
  • Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass    0.75kg
  • Brown Top Bent                             0.75kg
  • White Clover                                  2.5kg
  • Yellow Clover                                 1.0kg
  • Red Clover                                     0.5kg

 Sowing Rate: 19kg/A

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