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Turnips & Swede

Turnips & Swede

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Turnips and swedes are a good option for providing a high yielding feed for sheep and cattle.  Both are a cost effective solution to out-wintering grazing.  They are also very palatable.  We can supply stubble turnips, grazing turnips and swedes that are all of a high quality fodder crop.

Stubble Turnip - Vollenda

Vollenda is a high yielding stubble turnip which gives cost effective fodder from summer through to winter.  It's a versatile feed for both sheep and cattle.  It's main use is a catch crop to overcome summer grazing shortfalls.  It is also a good option for autumn/winter feeding and a valuable source of worm free grazing for lambs.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to establish (undersown or scratched into stubbles)
  • Early vigour variety, suitable for May sowing for July feeding
  • Winter hardy and can be drilled later in the year for January feeding
  • Good resistance to bolting

Sowing Rates: 

  • Drilling - 2kg/acre March to August
  • Broadcast - 3kg/acre March to August

Feeding from June to January.

Prices: 5kg bag £26.50, 25kg bag £100.50.  Prices include postage

Grazing Turnips - Appin

Appin is a fast growing leafy grazing turnip which is palatable and easy to digest.  It is a suitable grazing feed for all classes of stock.  It can also be used as a catch crop for overcoming low grass availability during summer months.  It is also a good option for autumn / winter feed therefore extending the outdoor grazing period for cattle.  It can be a valuable source of worm free feeding for finishing lambs.

Key Benefits:

  • Vigorous establishment and quick maturity
  • Wide sowing window
  • Multi-crowned with excellent re-growth potential
  • Good root anchorage

Sowing Rates: 

  • Drilling - 2kg/acre March to mid September
  • Broadcast - 3kg/acre March to mid September

Feeding from May to December.

Prices: 5kg bag £31.75, 25kg bag £126.75.  Prices include postage

Swede - Triumph

Triumph is a high yielding, yellow fleshed first crop swede.  It is suitable for over winter grazing for all classes of stock.  It provides a high energy fodder crop.

Key Benefits:

  • Very high dry matter yields
  • Winter hardy
  • Good dry rot tolerance
  • Good mildew tolerance

Sowing Rates: 250g/acre precision drilled May to end of June.  Feeding from November through to March.

Prices: £19.70/kg non-graded  Prices include postage.  Sold in 1kg packs.

 Remember To:

  • Feed as part of a balanced diet (Calculate your stocking rate)
  • Ensure good water supply
  • Allow run back area
  • Move electric fence daily
  • Feed fibre
  • Feed minerals
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