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Millet & Canary Grass

Millet & Canary Grass

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Millet and canary grass can provide nesting cover with a high protein food source.  Both crops are of particular interest to pheasant and partridge but will also attract local wild bird life. 

Nutrient requirements 

Game crops require P and K levels to be ADAS Index 2 and benefit from 20-50kg N/ha in the seed bed or an application once established. Alternatively the site should be spread with FYM before sowing in the spring.





Price per

Pack (inc VAT)



Combination of White & Japanese millet

Winter hardy

Produces high yields of seeds

Can be used as wind break

Annual crop

£64.50 per 10kg pack 



 Combination of Red & White millet

Red matures early so extending feeding period

Produces high yields of seed

Annual crop

£63.80 per 10kg pack 

Canary Grass

 Long term nesting cover can last up to 10 years

Used for holding and driving birds

Useful for when annual planting isn't an option

£73.30 per 2.5kg pack

Reed Canary


 More suitable for exposed northern regions

Hardy & tolerant of different soil types

Offers nesting cover and nesting sites

Purely Cover ONLY, provide artifical feeding

£72.50 per 2.5kg pack


Sowing Instructions: 


  • Sowing Rate - 5kg/A
  • Sowing Date - Drilled Mid April

Canary Grass:

  • Sowing Rate - 2.5kg/A
  • Sowing Date - Drilled in wide rows 60-90cm, May

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