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Fodder Beet

Fodder Beet

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Fodder beet provides an excellent winter feed for sheep and cattle.  They are a good source of dry matter forage.  Fodder beets are high in energy but low in protein so access to other forages is important.  It is best to use treated seed as it is at risk to foot rot.  The seeds are monogerm, so only producing one plant per seed.  

 Variety Description

Price per

Acre Pack

Cagnotte High Dry Matter


Splendide High Dry Matter


Jamon Medium Dry Matter


Merveille Medium Dry Matter



Sowing Instructions:

  • Precision drilled to ensure evenly spaced in rows, ready for harvesting
  • Sow from early to mid April
  • 1 acre pack contains 50,000 seeds
  • Harvest in October - November
  • Clamp in straw to protect while in storage

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