Alpaca & Llama Grazing Mix

Alpaca & Llama Grazing Mix

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This grazing mix has been blended together specifically for the nutritional requirements of alpacas and llamas.  Due to their physiology and grazing habits they prefer lower grazing leafier plants.  The varieties in this mix are high in nutrition and fibre but low in sugars which are best suited to alpaca & llama digestive systems.  This mix contains a wide variety of grasses that are highly palatable and provide a balanced diet and at the same time keeps the sugar content low.

Creeping fescue helps hold the turf together to make a more resilient grazing pasture.  The other fescues are hardy and can tolerate heavy grazing.  Timothy is highly palatable and persistent.  It provides a good source of fibre and late season grazing.

  • Diploid Rye Grass                             1.5kg
  • Tetraploid Rye Grass                         2.5kg
  • Meadow Fescue                                2.5kg
  • Presto Timothy                                 1.0kg
  • Scot's Timothy                                  2.0kg
  • Cocksfoot                                         1.5kg
  • Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass       1.0kg
  • Strong Creeping Red Fescue            1.5kg
  • Small Leaf White Clover                    0.5kg

Sowing Rate: 14kg/A

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