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AberXtend HSG Extended Grazing

AberXtend HSG Extended Grazing

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At last, you can extend your grazing season, without compromising persistence, grazing yield and grazing quality.

AberXtend HSG is the Aber HSG mixture for livestock farmers aiming to increase yields and lengthen the grazing season.

The Recommended Lists in both the UK and Ireland show how varieties such as AberDart HSG and AberGain HSG top the lists for spring and autumn performance, but there is absolutely no compromise on the other main performance criteria, with top scores for grazing D-value, ME yield, and overall dry matter yields. With the appropriate management, AberXtend HSG can perform to a high standard for 5–7 years.

Key benefits in summary

  • Outstanding for early grazing yield and autumn production
  • The best Aber HSG perennial grasses selected for spring and autumn yield
  • Outstanding season-long yield and quality
  • High palatability and dry matter intakes
  • Reduced nitrogen losses to the environment
Kg / Acre Variety Type Heading Date
5.00 AberDart HSG Perennial Ryegrass 25 May
5.00 AberZeus HSG Perennial Ryegrass 26 May
4.00 AberGain HSG Perennial Ryegrass (T) 03 Jun
1.00 AberPasture White Clover Blend

Heading date average for AberXtend HSG is 28 May for central Britain.
When cutting for silage, aim to cut 5-10 days before average heading date for optimum quality. Optimum spread of heading dates within mixtures for grazing and cutting results in better performance of the leys.

Sowing rate 35kg/ha (15kg/acre)
Sowing time March/April or August/September
Sowing depth 15mm (½ inch) or broadcast
Sowing instructions –       Drill into a fine tilth

–       Moist and warm soil conditions (minimum 5˚C)

–       Roll before and after drilling for good soil-to-seed contact

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