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Aber HSG Multi Species Grazing

Aber HSG Multi Species Grazing

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High-ranking ryegrass varieties are combined with a diverse range of plant species suited to lower input systems in this long term grazing mixture.

Performance is achieved due to the complementary characteristics of different plant types, allowing leaf and root architecture to maximise the use of light, moisture and nutrients above and below ground.

Kg/acre Variety Type Heading Date
3.00 AberZeus HSG Perennial Ryegrass 26 May
3.00 AberClyde HSG Perennial Ryegrass (T) 24 May
3.00 AberGreen HSG Perennial Ryegrass 30 May
1.00 Comer Timothy 07 Jun
0.50 Puna II Perennial Chicory
0.75 Tonic Plantain
1.00 AberPasture White Clover Blend
0.75 Callisto Red Clover
0.75 Avisto Red Clover
Sowing rate 34kg/ha (13.75kg/acre)
Sowing time March/April or August
Sowing depth 15mm (½ inch) or broadcast
Sowing instructions –       Drill into a fine tilth

–       Moist and warm soil conditions (minimum 5˚C)

–       Roll before and after drilling for good soil-to-seed contact

Additional comments

Where red clover is not included, sowing date can be extended to mid-September

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