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Aber HSG Long-term Overseeding

Aber HSG Long-term Overseeding

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 Where a full reseed is impractical or unwarranted, short-term productivity can be improved through a number of different overseeding methods. When overseeding, it pays to use the best available varieties that have been selected specifically for the purpose.

Key benefits in summary

  • 100% tetraploids for rapid establishment
  • Perennial ryegrasses for persistency
  • High ranking Aber HSG varieties
Kg/Acre Variety Type Heading Date
3.00 AberClyde HSG Perennial Ryegrass (T) 24 May
3.00 AberGain HSG Perennial Ryegrass (T) 03 Jun
4.00 AberBite HSG Perennial Ryegrass (T) 04 Jun


Sowing rate 25kg/ha (10kg/acre)
Sowing time March/April or August/September
Sowing depth 15mm (½ inch) or broadcast
Sowing instructions –       Drill into a fine tilth

–       Moist and warm soil conditions (minimum 5˚C)

–       Roll before and after drilling for good soil-to-seed contact


Additional comments Where white clover is included, sow no later than mid-September


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