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Aber HSG 3 Long Term Grazing

Aber HSG 3 Long Term Grazing

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The biggest-selling mixture in the Aber HSG range, Aber HSG 3 Long Term Grazing is for cattle or sheep systems aiming to maximise returns from grazing, whether rotational or set stocked.

Aber HSG 3 is made up exclusively of Aber High Sugar Grass diploid perennial ryegrasses, which have the highest ratings for grazing quality and yield on the Recommended List. This mixture is unrivalled for persistency under grazing; managed well it can continue to perform for 7 to 10 years, giving you maximum yields of the highest quality grazing.

Key benefits in summary

  • Combines a very good grazing yield with an outstanding grazing D-value
  • Outstanding autumn production for the mixture
  • 100% Aber HSG diploid perennial ryegrasses
  • Very persistent sward with good ‘bottom’
  • High palatability and dry matter intakes
  • Reduced nitrogen losses to the environment
  • Persists for up to 10 years
Kg/acre Variety Type Heading Date
3.00 AberZeus HSG Perennial Ryegrass 26 May
2.00 AberMagic HSG Perennial Ryegrass 28 May
3.00 AberGreen HSG Perennial Ryegrass 30 May
3.00 AberBann HSG Perennial Ryegrass 06 Jun
3.00 AberLee HSG Perennial Ryegrass 07 Jun
1.00 AberPasture White Clover Blend

Heading date average for Aber HSG 3 is 01 June for central Britain.
When cutting for silage, aim to cut 5-10 days before average heading date for optimum quality. Optimum spread of heading dates within mixtures for grazing and cutting results in better performance of the leys.

Sowing rate 35kg/ha (15kg/acre)
Sowing time March/April or August/September
Sowing depth 15mm (½ inch) or broadcast
Sowing instructions –       Drill into a fine tilth

–       Moist and warm soil conditions (minimum 5˚C)

–       Roll before and after drilling for good soil-to-seed contact

Link to Knowledge Hub – Grassland reseeding guide – for further information

Additional comments Where clovers or herbs are included, sow no later than mid-September
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