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Aber HSG 1 Milk and Meat Production

Aber HSG 1 Milk and Meat Production

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Aber HSG 1 is a long-term, general purpose mixture for milk and meat production.

Ideal for grazing, the mixture also offers the potential for a heavy silage cut in late May. Ideally suited for set stocking, it can be grazed with cattle, ewes or used to finish lambs. Aber HSG 1 produces a dense sward which will resist poaching and with good management will maintain its quality for 5-7 years. Puna II perennial chicory can be included for added drought tolerance and sward variety.

Key benefits in summary

  • Combines an outstanding grazing yield and grazing D-value
  • 100% Aber HSG grasses
  • The correct balance of diploid and tetraploid varieties
  • High palatability and increased dry matter intakes
  • Reduced nitrogen losses to the environment
Kg/acre Variety Type Heading Date
3.00 AberZeus HSG Perennial Ryegrass 26 May
3.00 AberWolf HSG Perennial Ryegrass 28 May
4.00 AberGreen HSG Perennial Ryegrass 30 May
4.00 AberGain HSG Perennial Ryegrass (T) 03 Jun
1.00 AberDairy White Clover Blend

Heading date average for Aber HSG 1 is 30 May for central Britain.
When cutting for silage, aim to cut 5-10 days before average heading date for optimum quality. Optimum spread of heading dates within mixtures for grazing and cutting results in better performance of the leys.

Sowing rate 35kg/ha (15kg/acre)
Sowing time March/April or August/September
Sowing depth 15mm (½ inch) or broadcast
Sowing instructions –       Drill into a fine tilth

–       Moist and warm soil conditions (minimum 5˚C)

–       Roll before and after drilling for good soil-to-seed contact


Additional comments Where clovers or herbs are included, sow no later than mid-September


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