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Iron Sulphate 20%

Iron Sulphate 20%

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Excellent Moss killer for your lawn.  Usually kills moss in lawns within 48 hours after application.  Measure the area of your lawn then calculate the quanity of Iron Sulphate required.  Add the Iron Sulphate to the correct amount of water then sprinkle the mixture across your lawn.  Moss turns black when it is dead.  Rate of application: 50g/m². 

Sulphate of Iron can also be used for feeding all types of ericaceous (acid-loving) plants such as Rhododendron, Camellia, Heathers, Pieris, Hydrangea, Magnolia, Berberis, Skimmias, and Raspberries as well as some conifers.

  • Builds stronger, healthier root growth
  • Produces richer, greener foliage
  • Acidifies the root zone
  • Prevents leaf yellowing

Rate of application for killing moss: 50g/20m². 

If Using Knapsack sprayer - 500g in 10 litres of water, covers 200m2


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